Thứ Ba, 12 tháng 5, 2009


In traditional ART - im very very very love watercolor, I now using Leningrad color and feel best with it. Watercolor and paper"gio" ( 1 kind of paper ) are 2 things i need to combine my painting
Here're 2 painting i've just finished, 2 boys - 2 people - 2 characters in myself, see it and you can see me - a kid and me - a man :)

1 - Headstrong boy:
This boy is a headstrong
Headstrong til he just a kid
His parent used to pampering him
... Must beat

( click image to view big size )

2 - Cry boy:
This boy always cry out
When he was a kid - he cried after broke elbow
When he grew up - he cried while he cookin'
( click image to view big size )

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